Bodyweight Training Circuit – Made Simple

Wildman Body builders, Bear Crawls, Long Jump Burpees

Never think the simple things are ineffective. Making things more complicated
only takes away from concentrating on the task at hand. The less you have to
think about complicated workouts the more you can focus on the exercises
and your body.

I keep it simple and as basic as possible, but get amazing results. I think that
most of the workouts that are being sold or put out are from a time when
bodybuilding magazines ruled the earth. These magazines were full of
programs that only someone who worked out all day and spent all their
money on supplements could actually do.

These types of complicated workouts have made it to bodyweight training
workouts. Not only have these workouts gotten more complicated but
it seems that unless you have some kind of equipment you can’t get in
a good workout. Bodyweight training should be as basic as possible.

Try this workout, and see how you feel in a short time.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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