Bodyweight training for exposive power

Bodyweight Training for extreme explosive power.

 Bodyweight training has been on the rise as of late and the reason
is it works. It has always worked, it has worked for millions of years.

 You will benefit from the many years of research that bodyweight
training is and always will be the way for the fastest, greatest and
natural results ever.

 Our bodies are made to be explosive, our bodies are made to work.
There was a time when survival was the key. Survival meaning
you had to hunt for food. You had to have extreme endurance.
you had to be able to sprint, climb, jump do whatever to stay
alive, and if you were slow you didn’t eat or may die.

 As a matter of fact in this hard–core world you better be strong,
fast and explosive because you never know when your life or
a loved ones life will be on the line.

 Using bodyweight training as a way to total fitness is a great way
to tap in to the natural element of your body.

 There are a ton of exercise programs out there, some good some
bad. You don’t need any other piece of equipment to build a strong
lean, athletic body then what you already have.

 Bodyweight training is very effective for all your fitness objectives.
I personally don’t want to spend 2 hours a day in the gym. So
that’s why I love bodyweight training it’s quick and gets the job done

Years ago I could lift a lot of weight and I thought I was fit. I found
I was strong but not conditioned. And I was not explosive. I was
big, strong and slow and that was fine as long as I was just going
to the gym.

But here I am 15 years later 85lbs lighter, quicker, explosive and
have more overall body strength then I did squatting 600lbs or
bench pressing 350lbs.

Training explosive and fast will get you explosive and fast. I don’t
recommend you train explosive everyday but I would spend time
training fast and explosive for a more conditioned body.

 I do use some slow training like isometrics, dynamic resistance
which will build a lot of strength but I still rather train for explosive
strength then to have slow type strength.

 Here’s a pushup exercise you can try for explosive strength.

 You will need a small step about 12” tall or something study.

 Make sure when you do these your face won’t hit the object.

 In a standing position- drop down into a wide pushup position
from there you will explode up bringing your hands closer
together doing another pushup, explode up and this time bringing
your hands together almost touching then you will do another pushup
and this time explode up and forward landing on the step. You can
repeat this a few times.

 Or you can do the same just start in the pushup position and do the
4 pushups start wide, regular, close, explode up and out but this time
push back off the step close, regular, wide.

 Let me know how this works.

 By the way I’m now on twitter and you could see what I’m doing.

 Get Tough, Stay Tough

 Johnny Grube



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