Bodyweight Training for Function.

Not all training was created equal, you can see it everyday just by looking
around. Most go to the gym follow whatever they read or see other people
doing and as you know this will not always work. If it was just that easy
every one would be lean and fit.

Most go to the gym and go through the motion and never really get
the full benefit of making exercise a life long love. They go because
they feel obligated, and that’s why most will never get the full
benefit of what real exercise can do for you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking complicated workouts will be the difference
what counts is what you put into each training program.

It’s as simple as pushups, bear crawls and some rope skipping nothing
complicated but any of these will have you on the ground in a pool
of your own sweat in under 10 minutes.

For instance most runners are weak. Most that spend all their time
lifting weights are weak in the conditioning department. But, the
fact if you use your own bodyweight as your way of exercise you
can and will build both in a quick amount of time.

Bodyweight training will almost always call in to play the large muscle
groups which will enhance the speed of fat burning, and the conditioning
of more muscles than using many different types of training to reach
your goals.

I love exercise, but I want to get the most out of my training as fast as
possible, so I can go about living my life. Bodyweight training will
give you that type of freedom, you get results and you get them
fast.If you have the what it takes to push through a little sweat
and good pain you will make tremendous gains and make them fast.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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