Bodyweight Training Forget The Pushups Train the Legs!

To many men worry about working the upper body to look pretty or intimidating but
the real work and benefits come from hammering the legs with strength and speed
and jump training. The legs are the foundation for a great athlete.

Leg training builds the powerful foundation needed to excel in almost all sports
and in real life for functional fitness. Training legs is brutal and is the reason
the upper body is trained more than the lower body.

How tough is leg training? Ever throw up doing bench presses? I never did as
a matter of fact I threw up only one time in my life during training and it wasn’t
from sprints or calisthenics it was after a set of 20 rep squats.

Leg training builds testosterone and really accelerates fat burning.  Years ago
I was a upper body trainer thinking training legs would make me slower, I was
wrong. However, training with heavy squats, dead lifts and power cleans never
equaled speed it actually seem to slow me down my legs actually felt heavier
from the slow training.

The reason I was slower is because the squat, dead lift are traditionally slow
moving exercise’s.  The power clean is a speed exercise if done correctly but
most trainers do not do it correctly it looks more like an explosive reverse

It wasn’t until I started training with explosive bodyweight movements and
speed training and dropped the slow strength training that my body started to
become athletic again and my legs felt lighter.

This goes against all research but switching from slow training to more
speed and explosive training my body aches started to go away and
even knee pain and I had three knee surgeries.

Short explosive training is not dangerous it’s the slow training that
injures people. How can that be? In real life, in sports and any functional
fitness the body always moves in an explosive manner. We never think
about movement until we train with weight any other time me just

Train slow, and your body will get used to it and when your body needs
explosive movement you will get hurt.

Try this leg workout all you need is small bench I use a 12″ stool and a jump rope.

Jump rope 50 times – jump up and down on the bench 10 times touching the ground
with your finger tips each rep. This forces you to squat lower using more legs than
your back.

Jump rope 50 times – 10 jumps for 20 rounds non stop. total jumping rope 1,000
times and 200 box jumps go for 20 minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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  1. As always you give jewels of advice on physical fitness. I was wondering if you have any insight on Qigong training and adding it to the wildman training regime.


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