Bodyweight Training – How Does Your Training Program Compare?

People can talk all day about their training program, if I can accomplish things like

10,000 burpees in a month
1,000 8 count body builders in 2:20 minutes
4,600 bench dips on 15″ bench in under 2 hours
Swim for 1 hour non stop
Do 100 extended superman pushups in under 5 minutes
1,000 Sumo Squats holding a 35 lb rock without putting it down in 41 minutes.
Run a mountain carrying an 80lb heavy bag up and back down
Run 3 miles shouldering an 80 lb heavy bag in 45 minutes
Do¬† 820 stepups on a 15″ bench shouldering a 70 lb heavy
bag in 1 hour keeping the bag on the shoulder the entire hour

Working a full time manual Labor job, why should I ever worry about whether my
program is working? I have used basic exercises and tested them in all areas
and they work.

I don’t train to look pretty I train so when it goes down I will be ready! Training
the way I want to react!

I love the people that will say that training like that will bore them to tears, I think
it’s just because they can’t handle the physical and mental pain or the complete
focus it takes to complete a heavy training load like some of these.

Try doing 15 minutes of “Pushup Burpees” try for 10 every minute see if you can complete

Check out at amazon “Ultimate Physical Fitness in 5 minutes”
if you have a set of balls

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Glen MacCharles says

    I can’t wait to get this cast off my foot and get off these crutches.

  2. Christopher says

    Hey Johnny do you ever mess with front levers or rope climbing?

  3. I love this quote you’ve stated, “I don’t train to look pretty I train so when it goes down I will be ready.” I agree with this! We must train the way we want to react. Good job Johnny!

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