Bodyweight Training is NOT for the weak!

Bodyweight training is not for the weak, using your bodyweight is
a serious workout, and most men can not handle their own

Weights are used because they are easier to use than your bodyweight.
Most men think by walking on treadmill and doing some curls and
dumbell fly’s they are building a great body.

There is a reason why gym membership is up and down and it’s because
the lack or results. Athletes are becoming more aware of the benefits
of bodyweight training and are using it more now than ever because
of the quick results they get.

On occasion I try and show some young muscled up stud that they are
really that strong by a few simple bodyweight exercises and when they
fail to move or collapse like a house of cards they start to think all this
training and a simple bodyweight exercise got the best of me.

Most use the pushup as a warm up or a cool down and still can’t get it
in their head that ” The Pushups” is a serious training exercise. A
minute or two of pushups will cripple the normal trainer and as
far as a conditioning exercise like the burpee, forget about.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



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