Bodyweight Training is NOT Gymnast Training.

Why don’t I push gymnastic type exercises? Gymnasts take years and
years of training to be able to do what they do, and usually start as a
young child. I am not a young child and I don’t have the time to spend
hours a day to try and act like a gymnast. At one time I could walk
pretty well on my hands and that takes great body control.

Again, the time factor for me is to get in and get out as fast as possible
so I can go about my day. If you have endless hours and have no
job spend all the time you want trying to be gymnast trying all
types of complicated moves.

While you are trying to perfect the gymnast routine I’ll be getting
some serious training in. I have seen bodyweight training books
that push all kinds of handstand training and gymnasts type
routines that are not done in any prisons except in the ones
created by great marketers.

All the time spent trying to be something your not only waste valuable
time. If you want to be a gymnast and have all the time to dedicate to
this type of training go ahead and have fun.

There is no doubt gymnast are strong, but I wouldn’t say that they
were the fittest. Gymnast training is kinda like strength training.

Meaning gymnasts are waiting in between sets to get their muscles
ready for the next iron cross or their next run on the floor or
hand balance routine, why? Because unless their muscles are
ready and rested for the next exercise they would not be strong
enough to continue with the exercise.

Again, I go to the way how the fittest men and women train
in the military, a wrestler a boxer a martial artist,  none are
worrying about doing a planche pushups or an iron cross because
there is no reason for it, it will not save their lives or get them a
victory on the mat or in the ring.

There are even books on gymnastic abs, why? Again a marketing
gimmick. Do you really think the only way to get a strong core is
to be a gymnast, again complicated will almost always cancel a
great workout.

Stop being suckered into thinking bodyweight training  is gymnast
training, because it’s not.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Good article John. For a long time I was infatuated with handstand training, thinking that to be good at bodyweight training, i had to perfect the handstand, handstand pushups, etc. No more thought, you’ve made me see the light, and I will be all the better for it

  2. Mike Toller says

    We get it.

    You are too weak to do gymnastics. I understand your attitude better now.

    P.U.SS.Y, you ain’t got no alibi!

    You pussy! You pussy!

    Handstand push ups cannot make me strong, but jumping jacks will?!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Johnny Grube, what a fucking rube!

  3. He never said handstand pushups wont make you strong he said while you are trying to perfect the complex training he is getting serious valuable training time instead of perfecting a exercise that you would never use in a real world situation and that is way to complicated to spend time on and jumping jacks build stamina and fast reaction idiot

  4. Im talking to mike if anyone is confused


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