Bodyweight Training – Killer Functional Exercise

Build total body functional strength with the wall walk. It’s not as easy as you might
think. It takes a whole body effort to stay straight and to just complete just a short
distance. Try it but don’t let it fool you.

Just before the video the workout I did was jump rope 250 times wall walk half the wall
jump rope 250 times walk the other half. Then jumped rope 250 times walk back half
way. Jump rope 250 times and finish the last half. Non stop.

Then finished off with Wildman Bodybuilders for 50 yards with no rest. This was
a real good functional strength and conditioning workout.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube


  1. Great stuff! I think functional exercise is the way to go! Not only can you do a lot of functional fitness anywhere….it produces tremendous results, whatever goals you have. Lose weight…CHECK, lose body fat…CHECK, increase strength….CHECK, increase your metabolism…CHECK!! And the list goes on. Thanks for your knowledge! -Andrew

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