Bodyweight Training – My Workout Draws Attention From Local Police

My Workout Draws Attention From Local Police

I want to tell you about a training session I had in a strange place that
drew the attention of the local police. Last week my company vehicle
broke down under an overpass, so while I was waiting for road service
I figured I’d get in a workout.

The great thing about bodyweight training, when you want a great
workout and there is no equipment other than the environment you’re
in and you use your creative mind that’s when great things happen.

So I did underpass hill sprints from the sidewalk to the top of the bridge,
but here’s how the workout went down. On the side walk I did 1 prisoner
squat thrust from the ground I exploded up the concrete slope than
walked back down, when I got to the bottom I went again – no resting
only on the walk down. I repeated this 35 times. But I wasn’t done.

I walked to the top of the concrete slope and Bear Crawled down head
first got to the bottom and went back up the slope backwards and when
I got to the top and did it again.

I did this all while people are driving by looking at the nut wearing jeans,
sleeveless shirt, bandana and work boots. This is not something you see
every day in a not so good area.

At this point the police drove by and stopped I walked up to them
leaned over, sweat dripping off my head and nose. They said to
me that they have seen this place used for a lot of things but
never for a workout. They looked at me again strange than
drove away.

I did this all while people are driving by looking at the nut wearing
jeans, sleeveless shirt, bandana and work boots. This is not something
you see every day.

When the cops drove away I walked over to a tree and did a few sets of
thick tree branch commando style pull-ups and finished the workout.

Great workout and my gym was my environment.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. Here is an email that was sent to me:

Hello Johnny, I just wanted to thank you again for your advice. I have
used your challenging workouts for many weeks now and lost 38 pounds
of Fat! Dropping down from 240 pounds to 202! I have maintained this for
2 weeks now so I am very pleased. I am not looking to drop any more.
The keys for me have been a lot of 20 yard bear crawls mixed with jumping
rope, dive bomber and popper push ups, pull ups, mountain climbers and
dips. Johnny, thank you again for helping me shift to a healthier paradigm!
Sincerely, Nick Couzens


  1. Alexis Szymanski says

    My dad made me read this article and I just had to laugh because it totally sounds like something my dad would do. Hes really dedicated to the program and he loves all the manuals and the workouts.
    He does workouts wherever he can and he even creates his own equipment, for example he tied ropes to the branches of our tree in the backyard and does pull-ups on them. When we are on vacation he does bear crawls up and down the beach and yes people look at him like hes crazy but he says “i could care less what they think”. He loves the program and hopes to see more manuals soon come out.
    – Lexee Szymanski-

  2. This sounds pretty awesome. I did something sorta like this a couple years ago. We were driving through banff, alberta on our way to our camping trip and when we came to the railway crossing there was a very long train. After a couple min in the car I went to the grassy boulavard and started cranking out pushups. I got to 250 as the train left. People probly looked at me like I was nuts but I’ll bet you 100 bucks that no one else there would have done it.

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