Bodyweight training never requires any equipment.

To get a great workout in no time at all never ever requires any equipment ever.

I did a post the other day about the rings I used to do pullups with, I used them
because of the situation I was in. Very rarely do I use them. Not because they
aren’t a great tool that will build great strength, but because I like to be able to
count on me and my body as the only thing I have, and if I do use equipment
I want it to be things that can be found where ever I’m at.

Because you can’t always count on equipment being there, you don’t always
know where you will be and I found if people get thrown off their game plan
they will skip their workout.

I want to educate men and women and let them know that the only equipment you
need at any given time is your own bodyweight. I have been know to workout at work,
waiting for my kids, at a rest stop it doesn’t matter.

Last week while waiting for my daughter to get out of church I decided to do some
light hill sprints while I was waiting, just to get the blood flowing. If I depended on
any type of equipment I wouldn’t have gotten out of the car.

I love the fact that I can stay in great shape and never need to use a kettle bell, sandbags,
flip tires, hit tires with sledge hammers whatever, I just love being simple and self-reliant.

As a matter of fact the only piece of equipment I use almost everyday is a jump rope, why
because it’s simple, it works and you can carry it with you anywhere even in your pocket.

I also use a towel, either to pull against, to stretch or the throw over something so I can
do pullups.

So try to make yourself as self-reliant with your training as possible.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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