Bodyweight Training Philosophy

Bodyweight Training Philosophy

Why do I feel bodyweight training is the ultimate way to train
for getting into great shape, burning fat, getting strong and
becoming athletic? One word, RESULTS!

After spending many years in the gym and doing whatever it
took to get bigger and stronger through the use of food (over eating)
buckets of weight gain and gallons of whole milk, supplements
and taking as much as 10,000 calories in a day and putting on 95
pounds, after carrying that weight around and lifting heavy over the
years I came to this conclusion. I was fat and in horrible condition.

I had 18 ½” arms a 21” neck could hip lift 1,200lbs, squat 600lbs
push press 285lbs and dead lift 365lbs for 20 reps with no rest.

I know longer felt like an athlete, In the early years I trained doing
pushups, sprints, pull-ups in trees, lots of dips and just like most
men I was misguided and started reading muscle magazines.

After 20 years of training heavy I needed a change. I was crippling
myself. Bad knees, torn up neck, sore shoulders, back spasms,
elbow pain you name it, it was sore and I still trained.

I did some research dropped the muscle head ego and I went back
to the way I used to train and in 5 months I lost 85lbs and my life
has never been better.

Bodyweight training has allowed me to do things I could never ever
done before it’s like I never aged, I’m fast, quick, strong and athletic
again. Bodyweight training will make you strong and athletic and you
will never have to use a gym again.

Bodyweight training will utilize the body as one, the more muscles you
can use at one time the stronger the body will become and the faster
and better the results you will get.

As a matter of fact using bodyweight training has made me a super
conditioned machine. As I get older I get better. I now hold 4 world
records in one of the toughest circuit exercises “The Burpee/ Para Jump”.

Lifting weights made me look big, but it’s the inside and the heart that
makes the difference.

Here’s a simple workout that will toughen you up.

Jump rope 100 times as fast as possible – drop down for 25 pushups
also as fast as possible repeat nonstop for 10 rounds. Jump rope and
do pushups, simple right?

When doing your pushups don’t think about it just push fast and hard,
if you get to a point where you start to struggle keep going and do
partial pushups. The key is to keep tension throughout the pushups.

Total- jumping rope 1,000 times and 250 pushups.

Try for under 10 minutes. If you want more rest 1 minute repeat
again finishing with jumping rope 2,000 times and 500 pushups.

Try to finish in under 30 minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. if you think this is tough you need the Wildman Training Program
or course” the meanest, cruelest physical fitness program on the planet.


  1. mike Arbogast says

    Good article John,

    I can relate. I too, used to weight train, force feed myself, spend lots of money on supplements (creatine, andro, etc.), and at one time, was 30 pounds heavier than I am now. I was bloated and fat, and felt banged up all the time from the heavy lifting. Now that I have converted to bodyweight training, I feel like a new man. I now want to be light, strong and ripped. Don’t care about heavy lifts or 18″ arms anymore. Keep writing, I enjoy your articles.

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