Bodyweight Training – Prisoner Squat Thrusts/Ab Wheel Rollouts Circuit

Sometimes the simplest things bring the biggest results, I know for a fact people have bought
into main stream training philosophy. Mainstream training is following what everyone else is
doing, and getting same results.

Little short circuits can and will put you on your ass! People spend time doing long
sessions with no real urgency! This above workout could easily be accomplished in
20 minutes for someone in decent shape, ten minutes is tougher but 5 minutes makes
it brutal and 4 minutes fucking tough!

I no longer look to compete with anyone except my own times, my times are my goals
I set times because having something to shoot for makes the training more brutal.

Most men won’t train in this fashion thinking being gym strong is the way to physical
fitness, and in reality most people who are your typical gym goers and NOT physically

You don’t need anything complicated to maintain a high level of physical fitness, you
don’t need any special equipment, or gym to get the job done!

Be Tougher Than Yesterday!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says


  2. Andrew Stone says

    The years I spent lifting weights in the gym just made me stronger at lifting weights.
    The carry over to the real world was not as much as people might think.
    Also I was no way as fit as I am now with mainly bodyweight training.

  3. That’s why darwinism exist, to show that the fittest survive!

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