Bodyweight Training – Pushup 300

Bodyweight Training – Pushup 300

A long time ago I heard of a boxer that would challenge his
friends to try and do 300 pushups in 5 minutes. This is
doing a lot of pushups in a short period of time.

The world record for the most pushups in 5 minutes is 441
pushups. These are staggering numbers and I can hear it now,
that it’s impossible to do that many, they are probably
not doing them right.

The problem with most people is they think it’s impossible
because they can’t do it. Just because you can’t do it doesn’t
make it impossible.

People get good at what they practice getting good at, you never
get better by discounting others abilities.

Another thing I hate hearing is when someone pulls the injury card
out, doing that many pushups will wreck the shoulder or your body
can’t handle that many in a short period of time, your body needs

Remember the body will respond to whatever you push on it, think
weakness and get weakness, think injury get injury, think lack get

Instead of thinking about how is that possible, work a little harder on it,
and you might surprise yourself. What if you set a goal to be able to do
300 in 5 minutes and kept on pushing and sweating and got to the point
of doing 200 or 250 in 5 minutes, how would that make you feel.

You might not ever get to 300 in 5 minutes but to get to 200 or 250 in
5 minutes is something not many men could ever do, not to mention
most men won’t put themselves through the physical and mental
toughness training it takes to push to a higher level.

Try to see where you’re at, push hard and fast and do as many as possible
when the lactic acid starts to build up (The Burn ) don’t quit, keep pushing
that’s where the big gains are made and the winners are born.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Dr.Boomstik says

    As a laborer, The Wildman walks the talk – you won’t find him selling bodyweight books and lifting weights in secret just to make a buck or two. Day in and day out, rain or shine (and I’m talkin’ about 110 degree shine) you’ll find him doing what needs to be done for the day’s work. I’ve never met John but they’re many like him in the construction/iron workers business and I’ve met/worked with them so I know the type. Trust me, these are not the type to mess around – they don’t whine or bitch when the day is prolonged or even if they’ve been up all night drinking – They GET SHIT DONE. I’ve been fortunate enough to work w/ and be friends with some and they are the Real MEN (and some WOMEN) of the World. No, they aren’t rich, famous, or ripped – all that stupid crap that T.V. leads you to believe in – hell, some of them weren’t even ‘healthy’ but let me tell you, when something needed done in 8 hours without breaks at full-speed – you could bet your life on it that it would be done w/ these Gents around in 6 hours w/ time to do extra stuff. That, my friends, is a mental toughness that takes years to develop and you have no idea the amount of pain and sacrifice needed to cultivate it. Without these Men and Women the world doesn’t run, Period. These people don’t ‘Work-out’ – They LIVE the Hard way so you can have a choice… “Should I get up from my desk and do some pushups so Mary down the hall will notice me?” Think about that when you hear someone complaining about staying after 5 (w/ a desk job in AC) or that the elevator was broken and they had to walk up some stairs…give me a break.

    I went on a rant there (haha) but w/ purpose in mind. I used to work out 3 days a week thinking that my body needed rest and recovery time like all the ‘work-out experts’ suggest and drill into your heads along w/ all these complicated exercises to induce muscle confusion which worked fine (I thought) until….I got a construction job w/ some REAL Beasts of men. The first day I was fine…then it started to suck after the 3rd day because pushing, pulling, ripping, tearing, EVERYDAY crushed me. How could this be? I’ve been doing these exercises religiously-following all the rules and here’s this 280 pound guy w/ a beer belly swinging a 10 lb. sledge ALL DAY and laughing at me because I was 20 years younger, healthier, full of muscle (counterfeit as I found out), and he was kicking my ass! He knew it too and man, would he joke. haha. Good times. So since that job I knew that all the exercise info I’d followed/read was bullshit in one way or another -some were good but nothing was as COMPLETE as what this guy was throwing at me. After that, I just didn’t ‘work-out’ but went to work for 12-14 hrs. a day, 6 days a week and got into the best REAL shape of my life.

    One Example of a Laborer’s Force:
    My best friend’s Dad is 62 yrs. old and has been an Iron Worker for 30+ yrs and he’s never lifted weights or ‘worked-out’ but I watched him (at 60 yrs old) move a 700 lb. furnace off the back by of a truck by himself when 4 of us (all under 30) couldn’t budge it. The 20 yr olds who work w/ him complained that HE was working too hard/fast for them and they begged him to slow down. His response was “8 for 8” – meaning 8 hours of WORK for 8 hours of Pay – much can be taken/learned from this man. Another thing, he got pissed off at a guy one time – the guy must’ve known he messed up because he tried to get away in a car – and Dad went to open the door as he sped off, held on, and ripped the door off – so you know what kind of power he’s packin’ from everyday use of his body. Was he ‘ripped’? Nope, pretty tall and lanky, but considering his grip strength when he shakes your hand along w/ the feats mentioned I’d bet all my money that, at 62 yrs old, he’s still stronger than any man that goes to the gym, is ripped, and has soft hands. <btw, I don't take strength advice from anyone w/ soft hands. haha

    Fast forward a few months-year, crazy gf, a few jobs later and I realized I had to find something equal to that without taking up 12-14 hrs of my day or I'd never be that fit again…I found what I needed in Wildman’s training methods. I don't know how I stumbled upon this site but I winged it after reading about Johnny and there's nothing that kicks my ass more -it's right up there with diggin' trenches, rakin' concrete, and haulin' lumber – in intensity if you don't 'dog out' on his workouts. Trust me. Sometimes I look at his Circuits and think "You're fuckin' crazy!” haha. They never fail to inspire (or perspire) either. : ) It's like he says, you don't need complicated workouts or scientific evidence staring you in the face, give them an honest chance (his workouts/exercises) and in less than 1 min you'll know for sure this is the REAL DEAL. From the second you open a manual/course after the intro it's "let's do this" attitude – so know you're paying for pain and not 40 pages explaining/selling why it will work and then 2 exercises/workouts to get bored w/ in 2 weeks until you have to buy the next edition for 39.95$. Screw that!
    What’s needed for the Course? Your body, mind, a piece of your soul, and that’s it, so leave excuses at the door or remain WEAK. I have a kettle bell and a Swiss ball – think I use them anymore? Nope, I only use the exercises in the Course, sometimes the “Wildman Perfect Pushup” (which is 2 cans standing on end), and all my will power to complete the task at hand – the way it should be. You will only find 'Functional' exercises here as well – No bodyweight isolation like crunches, leg lifts, calf raises, or exercises just to ‘show-off’ or impress your neighbors- in this program are all FULL BODY KILLERS that work every muscle naturally and without mercy. Not only do they break your body (and test mental strength) to pieces, they make you feel rejuvenated and pulse w/ energy afterwards.
    When I isolated my body (may just be me) in thirds like in bodybuilding, I always felt tired/strange afterwards like something was missing or off-center – Not so w/ these full body pumpers. Long story short, I couldn't be happier w/ the Course and it's paid for itself a million times already. Plus, the pushup ‘free report’ has made my pushups (and all exercises) excel tremendously w/ its tips. Thanks Wildman!

    P.S. _If you think the people on ‘Jersey Shore’ are the heroes/role models of today’s world go away because this site isn’t for you (In fact, I don’t even know how you got here). Wildman training is about Respect just as much as it is about Training Hard and Training Real. If you just want a ‘beach body’ to hold up your EGO and expand your Libido – you don’t deserve to be here and you wouldn’t be able to handle it anyway. – get a Corona and go back to your tanning bed. _

    P.P.S. “There’s no such thing as Tough. There’s Trained and Untrained. Now which are YOU?”…. So buy the damn Course already (or any Wildman Product) and feel Real Pain that Pays!

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