Bodyweight Training -Step ups are the Working Mans Exercise.

Make no mistake about it, step ups will creep up on you and
kick your ass. Simple, yet highly effective. This is an exercise
that seems to be forgotten when it comes to other bodyweight

It’s simple, all you do is find a sturdy bench and step up then
step down and do this for a few minutes. Here’s the thing, because
very few people use the stairs this will be brutally hard for most.

If you think step ups are not worthy try a 10 minute step up workout
and I’m not talking about the chick t.v. workout step classes. I’m talking
finding a bench at least 12″ high and going all out for 10 minutes.

Here’s another thing, for all you prisoner workout junkies who get
sucked in by marketing of prison workout books, the step ups is
actually a prison exercise but only a real prisoner who writes a
book will add it in there, not the marketing genius. Why? Because
it’s a boring looking exercise and hard to sell.

We step up and down everyday and don’t even realize it, and if you
are one of those people that can’t step up with out a rail or need to put
your hand on your knee to push off, you need to stop reading this
and start reading some body Else’s site.

You can use step ups as part of an workout program that will
build strength, quickness, balance, stamina and all you need
is some stairs or a sturdy bench.

Simple work that you can try:

Do step ups 20 each leg as quick as you can, turn around
throw your feet on the bench or stairs your using and do
20 pushups – Repeat this for 10 minutes non stop if you
can. Really try it and tell me how easy it is.

To push a little harder use weighted back packs or
a sand bag on your shoulder and see how it is for the
working man that is a laborer, tougher yet.

Check these world records out for weighted step ups
I did 158 wearing a 50lb back pack in 5 minutes on 15″
bench. Paddy Doyle can back and beat it doing 164.

Step ups on a 15″ bench wearing 100 lb back pack 105
in 5 minutes is a feat.

I have done 7 sets on a 17″ bench in 10:00 minutes
40 step ups each set and 20 pushups legs on bench for
a total of 280 step ups and 140 elevated pushups.

Try it let me know how it feels!

Toughness Builds Winners


  1. Step ups are killers. I worked up to 1000 for an alpine climb I was doing in Nepal. U will build muscle endurance fast, but make sure u keep ur breathing down and can keep a conversation. It isn’t cardio ur after.

  2. brian goodwin says

    Worked up to 300 with each leg with 100 lbs on my back in Iraq in 110 degree heat – took almost 9 months to get there – added 5 lbs each time. Steps were in airbase stadium in Balad – about 22″ high.

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