Bodyweight Training – Strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity

Being strong and fit is a combination of physical and mental capacity. It’s tough to
be fit and strong with out being strong physically and mentally. Being mentally
prepared for a great workout is important, if you are not mentally prepared you
will not give it your best. You will be more likely to stop short when the workout
becomes the toughest.

Before going into your workout have the desired result in mind. How many times,
how many minutes, etc. Have a plan. You don’t have to break your personal best
every time out but you should have a little idea what you want to accomplish.

An example would be how many pushups you want to do in 5 minutes and do
what ever to try and accomplish your pushup objective. Maybe you want to
do jump rope 500 times and do 500 pushups in 10 minutes, this will put
in in a frame of mind that will make you push harder to do whatever to
hit your mark.

If you don’t hit your goal for the workout, know that you did your best keep
track and go for it the next time until you get and accomplish your goal.

It’s okay to go out from time to time to just have a anything goes workout but
for real gains I think you need to have a place you want to be, something you
can mark your progress.

Everything in life that is worthy takes a goal and a plan so you know where you
are. So set some type of goal everyday and shoot for it and if you fail so what just
train until you get your desired result.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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