Bodyweight Training – Swiss Ball Squats with an 80 lb Front Chest Pull

Swiss Ball Squats with a 80lb Front Chest Pull

Something different that can be done with a swiss ball for building strength
and balance.



  1. Hey thats a lot like “longstrength” an idea by Dr. Leonard Schwartz. He would combine exercises to use the most muscle possible, burn the most fat and create the most mitochondria within the body. I think I said that right! Nice Job as always Johnny!

  2. Yup, Dr. Schwartz taught that using arms and legs at same time stimulated heart more than running by itself as in boxing and cross-country skiing. Wildman’s routines are effective at combining limbs together.

  3. hi, johnny watsup?
    johnny i wanna ask u that i do hindu pushups hindu squats and bear crawls everyday…..i do all of them with a pause….that means when i go down in hindu pushps i stay there for 2 seconds and then rise up…..and i do this pausing in all exercises am i doing it right?thank you johnny….

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