Bodyweight Training – The Never Done Before 1 Arm Weighted Superman Pushup

Ever wonder what you could possibly do if you stop wasting time spreading
your focus in so many different directions? To many people waste a ton of time
looking for the superior training system. The superior training system is the
one that works, the one that get’s you the quickest results for your goals.

For too many years I looked studied, read and trained with anything and everything
looking for what I believed was the right training system. In over 30 years I have only
had a few training mentors and a handful of great training partners, other than that I had
to rely on myself.

Many just feel that certain things are out of reach. I disagree. If we train toward
what we truly want to accomplish we can get there. And even if you set a goal and
fail to accomplish it how far ahead do you think you will be.

Below are two videos of me doing “Superman Pushups” wearing a 45lb Back Pack and
the other me doing a “One Arm Superman Pushup” wearing a 45lb Back Pack.

I don’t do these often, I haven’t done them in months. The One Arm Weighted Superman
Pushup I never did before this video.

I figured I would give it a try and see what happens, and I did it. Stick with the basics, stay
off of forums to much information is killing your training. You will never know it all so stick
with a basic plan. I have never seen a complicated plan out perform a simple formula of
hard work and massive amounts of sweat.


10 Superman Pushups wearing a 45lb back pack


One Arm Superman Pushup wearing a 45lb back pack


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Any “experts” want to tell us more about how high repetitions don’t build strength?

  2. anthony romayo says

    Its funny how all the hyped up bullshit is meaningless.
    You are someone who practices what he preaches and
    Puts it out for everyone to see, wheather you succeed or not.
    Simple but honest.
    Thank you.

  3. Bruce, they have nothing to say. They see that Johnny Grube is proving that high reps always build a lot of strength.

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