Bodyweight Training – The Outdoor Gym

I love the fact that I no longer need any equipment to get a great ass
kicking workout.For instance I was running short on time today so
I did a quick non stop bear crawl workout lasting 7:11 seconds to
complete. Walk off 5 yards then do 50 – 5 yard bear crawls,
turn the cone and come up and jog back and go again, no

Sounds easy. But the way it works the body will have you sucking
some serious air in a short time.

Yesterday went to the park to train and got down there and it was packed
with a family reunion. So I had to change plans when I got there. I walked to
one of my favorite 60 yard hills, laid down cones 5 yards apart and
did a 5 yard bear crawl right into a hill sprints walked down and
went again right away.

Each bear crawl/hill sprint took about 13 seconds for all 10 rounds
( sets ) and the last sprint then I bear crawled head first down the hill
no rest until I was where I started.

So far no equipment in the outdoor gym. But this what makes the outdoor gym such a
great way to train. You can train anywhere or anytime. Often when I travel or am in a
different area I always find a place to train, new place new things to do. The outdoor gym
is only limited by your imagination.

The outdoor gym is for the man who wants to train forever, the man who never needs to
step inside a gym if he don’t want to. It’s for the man that doesn’t want to clutter his house
with equipment. It’s for the man that wants to become one of the elite.

You can go anywhere and find a place to train and never ever need a piece of fitness
equipment as long as you live. Everything you need is all around, just look.

I will often find odd things to climb or do pullups on. I will do pullups on tree
branches, with towels, on rafters, soccer goal nets and even football goal posts,
you  will build a strong powerful body training as natural as possible, it’s
almost a guarantee.

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