Bodyweight training! The secret of the ultra fit

Bodyweight training! The secret of the ultra fit

 Why do I say bodyweight training is the secret of the ultra fit?
We all may have a different view of what fit is. I know you can
get fit doing almost any workout program but what are you
comparing your level of fitness to?

 After almost 30 years of training and trying probably just about
all training methods I have to give the heads up to using your
own bodyweight as the ultimate training tool. Why? Is this my
opinion? Yes.

I have never ever gotten results as fast as with my own
bodyweight, and that’s a fact. The only problem I had
is an ego problem. Could I actually stop using heavy weights
and did it really matter that I started using a different training
philosophy?  It changed my life, I lost 85 lbs in 5 months and
I became more fit overall then I have ever been.

 Biking, swimming, running, kettle bells, lifting weights will and
get you fit, but most are one trick ponies, they are only good at
certain exercise very few are all-around fit.

When I started to look and study what made people extremely
fit bodyweight training was the foundation for building a
super fit body.

When you train using your bodyweight you build explosive power
you will burn fat, you will become more flexible, you will build
coordination you will become a better athlete not to mention that
using your bodyweight will build a strong body, because of so many
muscles that come into play.

I’ve said it before, Look for a person that trains with his bodyweight
he not only will look athletic and lean he will be extremely fit.

Our body was made to be worked and worked in a natural state.
Sprints, jumping rope, swimming, hill sprints, and calisthenics
( pushups, pull-ups, situps, jumping jacks, burpees, etc.) are
what will build a level of fitness that are almost super-human.

Try this workout:

Do 25 pushups – sprint 100 yards – drop and do 25 more pushups walk
back repeat 10 times. Tougher then it sounds.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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