Bodyweight Training – Training is like an Apprenticeship

All the bulls hit flying around the fitness world is becoming more and more unbearable.
No one has any idea what’s the best training method for them, the reason people don’t
get any results is no one wants to spend years learning what will work best for their goals.

The people that areĀ  jumping from one workout method to another never learn the basics
even though they will tell you how long they been training.

Real training is like an apprenticeship, it’s a long tiring process with many failures, sweat,
blood injuries, some injuries heal and some never heal, it’s time consuming and it can be
selfish and for the people that train all their life need this, it’s part of them all the work,
success and failure is their badge of honor. The mental and physical abuse they unleash
on themselves for years build a toughness that can only be built with pain, sweat, blood

Everyday is a new day in the lab, a new day to be better than yesterday. The uncommitted will
never survive long term they are in it for short term, their is no quick fix. And the men and
women that work at it everyday, earning a living and raising a family and still make no excuse’s
are the one’s that will finish their life on earth doing what they love!

Look at some of the old school trainers, cross fitters, Kettle bellers, bodyweight trainers
strong man trainers these people are all working like an apprenticeship the hard core
trainers will put in the time for years to be the best. The others will just fade away, and
it will be most people.

A person that works at their craft everyday is a little nuts, they have a hardness you can see
by the way they carry themselves and the attitude they bring to anything.
If you are not willing to do the best you can and work hard for years and continue to put in
sweat ,whatever you have spent years building will be lost faster than it was ever built.

As we age where do we finish? Do we look back and say ” I was once this or could do this”
or do we continue into our later years striving to get better or do we decide to quit and ask
ourselves the question is all I can do physically and mentally?

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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