Bodyweight Training – Weak Men Won’t Train Legs!

I think some people that read my blog feel I should help more people with a lower
fitness level. I feel different and I won’t. You can go on a 1,000 sites and get everyday
workouts for the average weak man. I have no fun writing for weak people. Everyone
has to start somewhere but I am not it. It’s not my responsibility to put workouts
out there that have have no fun participating in.

Problem is to many people whine and cry about people that try and elevate themselves
through hard work and sadly it is the sign of the times of a weaker more pathetic society.

Some call me names and ask me why I act so tough? It isn’t acting this is my real
life attitude and has always been. Abrasive yes, do I care?  NO! I like to train hard for
different reasons and it isn’t for good looks or for bigger arms it is and always will be
for survival.

Over the last 30 years I have simplified my training and do no exercise that I feel
will help in the real world. No curls, No heavy shoulder presses, no isolated movements,
and no carnival tricks you see in videos and books “Convict Conditioning” and things
like that, I have no desire to dance around in front of a TV for my fitness fix it makes
me feel unmanly working out in front of the TV being pushed by a shirtless, spandex
wearing homo.

A day after doing 420 “Shouldering Slams in 1 hr the next day I wanted another tough
workout that would test the mind and body physically and mentally  and that was 500 jump
squats on to a 15″ bench( squat down – jump on bench – step down – repeat 500 times this
was my first time doing this workout my goal was 45 minutes I finished in 34:45 and to finish
up a already tough workout I jumped rope 500 times total time 37:01.

Working the legs condition and strengthen the man.

So before you bad mouth someone that CAN do 500 jump squats on to a 15” bench walk away
before you get smacked in the mouth!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Yup, working the legs is essential because they comprise the largest muscle group and just about every way of training them stimulates the heart and lungs. High rep shoulder presses and curls will build strength for men who do not do regular manual labor and don’t like pushups-just a matter of taste.

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