Bodyweight Training – Wildman Hill Sprints Build A Primal Mind And Body.

Too many people have scraped the idea of doing any training that is natural to man.

Sprints are and will always be natural to man.

Long distance running is not natural to man, if it was everyone could run a marathon naturally!

Men can walk long distance naturally.

But everyone who is physically healthy can sprint naturally!

Man is made to sprint, it’s natural, everyone physically healthy can sprint. Kids naturally sprint, adults move to less explosive exercise, losing their ability to thrive. Long distance running is not natural, if it was everyone would be able to run a marathon!


Sprinters are more lean, muscular and strong.

Long distance runners are usually thin and weak.

Men are supposed to keep muscle, it’s important for survival.

Long distance running eats away at muscle, especially if you are eating low calorie, low value nutritional food like processed carbohydrates and sugar gels while running a 5K!

Sprinting is primal, it was essential for survival, and still is.

When I sprint I always start from the ground, and prefer hill sprints which work you harder than sprinting on flat ground.

Starting your sprint from the ground, is also natural.

Men should be able to get on and off the ground like a second nature, exploding of the ground builds explosive strength and conditioning, man is built for explosiveness for thriving!

I call starting a sprint from the ground, The Wildman Sprint.

Find a nice hill, drop down chest on the floor, explode up as fast as possible, and go as hard as you can!

Walk down and repeat.

The incline and distance will determine the number of times.

The should sprint as hard as possible, it’s not a jog. Once you can’t give your all, stop, walk down and go again.

The “Conditioned Strength” from Wildman Hill Sprints is valuable in ALL areas of life whether combat, sports, or everyday life.

Wildman Hill Sprints will make you feel unstoppable, strong and primal!

Wildman Hill Sprints will tap into your inner primal mind and body.

Get in the habit of Hill Sprints, even if your out NOT looking to train but come across a hill use the opportunity to sprint it!

Never follow the mainstream Fitness advice, they make all fitness either bad or to easy, to sell equipment, memberships or supplements!

Train the way man had to survive and thrive!

Johnny Grube


  1. I see it no other way brother . I will forever train like a Wildman

  2. Marovsky says

    The wildman way is the best!!

  3. Wildman workouts are short, intense, and very effective. I don’t sprint anymore, but I briskly walk for 5 minutes, and then walk at a normal pace for 5 minutes for 30 minutes. It’s enough for me at age 78 in 3 more days, with two total hip replacements that I got from jogging long distance when I was younger. We live and learn, sometimes the hard way.

  4. Great Bob you are an inspiration.

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