Bottom Feeders!

We are ALL judgemental, the problem is people keep it to
themselves, I do NOT!

I judge all freaks, fat asses, tattooed, multi colored hair, face
pierced, drunken, drug using, scooter riding, transgenders, and
all others that cross my path because we no longer hold anyone

Where the fuck are the role models? The fathers, mothers, coaches
teachers? They used to hold people to higher standards, BUT you
can’t hold anyone to a higher standard, when you don’t know what
it is!

Society has been rotting from the inside out, because people
who need to be shamed are not! Look at who are being led,
and by who, weak people who live life with no self respect
for themselves!

People are afraid to tell people they the rotting society, and as
more people live like bottom feeders, we will have a society of
bottom feeders!

Have Fucking Some Self Respect People!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    Love it as always. Everyone just wants to follow the latest trends. Stay giving it straight John

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