Bragging About Injuries Should Bring You Shame NOT Honor!

I was listening to a podcast and listened to a 45 year old steroid powerlifter talk about his hip replacement!

A hip replacement at 45!

How strong can you really be? How does destroying your body make sense?

Men really think going to the gym is fighting some big battle, that weights are the enemy, but they seem to be losing the war!

Injury makes you weaker, never stronger!

Men talk about their injuries with pride.

Why are they proud of their weakness?

Men never ever talked about injuries in the past, it was an embarrassment.

Men of the past knew injury was a weakness, not a strength.

Men were tougher, I have had injuries, but I have never ever bragged about them, because injuries brought me shame!

Slow injured men become prey!

Bragging about how you crippled yourself through abuse is not honorable, it’s despicable!

How many strong men actually remain strong and durable through their life? Very few!

Bragging about your injuries, shows your weakness not honor!

Johnny Grube



  1. Yeah, taking about injuries all the time, like holding a trophy in the air, doesn’t make sense at all.

  2. Men have truly lost their way . At work yesterday I see this girl talking to this guy and he immediately starts talking to her about video games. Wtf have men become !!!!

  3. Andrew stone says

    I had injuries when I trained with heavy weights.
    I was never proud of them.
    It meant I had screwed up!

  4. @Andrew

    Well said brother

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