Bright, Reflective Clothing, Soft Hands, and Sitting To Pee!

I can’t understand the men that walk around wearing spandex pants under shorts to go for a walk, in the early 80’s in Jr High we wore shorts over sweat pants, but we were kids, but looking back I was tougher than most men walking around in the name of fitness in 7th grade, fucking pathetic!

Which brings me to the point of men dressing up wearing high end clothes, running shoes, expensive water bottles to walk around the fucking block, if you are this guy you need to jump into traffic!I

If you need a water bottle to run a mile, walk around the block you are a pathetic, weak idiot!

Are you wearing ear buds to train, is the workout really that tough, are you so disengaged you constantly need distraction from almost doing nothing? Or is it to take your mind off of how pathetic you look while running down the side of the road wearing a pink running shirt, with your arms and wrist flailing around like some queer looking like he is getting ready to have a seizure!

If you train at a gym where they play chick music, and you need ear buds, find a new fucking gym!

If I’m out at night training I only ever wear black or gray, no reflective shit! Because, I’m fast and smart enough to NOT get hit by a car!

If you are so afraid of being hit by a car, stay the fuck inside or train in the day, if you are unable to avoid traffic without wearing bright, reflective clothing you are prey, stay home!

Fuck gloves when training! I wear gloves when it’s cold or at work when needed, why the fuck is every man looking to have soft bitch hands? If your wife likes soft hands on her man, she probably wants you to be more feminine, soon she will make you sit to pee, bitch!

Men with soft hands probably have more masculine wives, if your hands are soft you aren’t working like a man, you probably sit behind a computer all day, getting weaker and more effeminate everyday!

Offended at all? Good!

Well, this is written as if talking to guy on a work site, on the loading dock, or in a buddies garage, and if you are offended you are probably ordering lattes, wearing skinny jeans, unable to cross the street without reflective clothing!

So don’t try to validate yourself if you’re offended!

Train Like A Man!

Johnny Grube



  1. Who the fuck needs to listen to music while working out? I find it unnecessary.

  2. Weak men have absolutely no honor at all

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