Build Great Strength with this Old School Training Tool

I have told you before I was a weight trainer for many years
before my body started to get beat up and started being less
effective. Earning my living as a manual laborer and training
for over 30 years my body started needing more time to recover
than I spent in actual training time.

But I didn’t give up all old school training tools. I have some
that are over 25 years old. One that I still use but have
upgraded is the “Chest Expander”. Old time strong men, wrestlers,
boxers and laborers have used these for years to build strength
from all directions. They were also used in the old days in
competition call strand pulling.

I almost have one with me everywhere I go just in case I want
something different, they can also be used for amazing results
combined with bodyweight exercises.

I happen to be away from home for 4 days and still need to get
my workouts done whether they are light or heavy I will still
make time to train.

I want to share one of my hotel workouts:

1 minute of shadow sparing punching,kicking,elbows,knees etc.
1 minute of jump squats
1 minute of front chest pulls with the chest expander.

5 rounds moving from one exercise to another for 15 minutes.

Use a moderate weight using the chest expander because pulling
for 1 minute is a long time.

Finished with 3 minute of knee jumps and explosive forward
jumps ( get on your knees explode to your feet and do a
forward jump) repeat for 10 yards walk back repeat.

2 rounds of 10 yard explosive forward pushups( do a pushup
explode forward in the air and continue for 10 yards walk
back repeat with diamond pushups exploding forward for 10
yards. Total complete workout 20:00 minutes.

Tougher than you may think give it a try.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Excellent. Thx.

  2. Yes the chest expander is a great training too and has helped me with my arm wrestling

  3. Yes, a good training tool.

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