Build great strength with this piece of equipment.

Even though I train using my bodyweight, I also like to use
some different equipment to change things up. I have a lot
of different equipment I have collected over the years.

One piece is the gymnastic rings. These rings are great for
working the muscles in a way traditional ways won’t.

The rings will build great strength throughout the whole body,
and they will work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

One great exercise you can do with the rings is pullups, The
other day I went to the park I usually train in, but there was
a kid playing in the park.

So instead of throwing him and his grandmother  out of the park
I grabbed my rings went to the gazebo found a place to secure the
rings and I was ready to workout.

Doing pullups on rings are a little different then on a straight bar,
they swing,twist,and are unstable but that is where muscles is built.

The workout I did was jump rope 1,250 times and finish off with
100 prisoner squat thrust and standing up and doing 1 pullup for
each prisoner squat thrust for a total time for 1,250, 100 prisoner
squat thrusts and 100 ring pullups 23:25

This workout will have you sweating and wanting to quit after about
50 but don’t quit, try for a time of under 30 minutes.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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