Build Toughness and Durability for Life, Not Temporary Gym Strength!

I don’t if anyone has noticed that I have become anti gym, anti gym culture, said it before, the terms form, ROM, cardio, etc are gym culture terms.

I no longer care about traditional training, in my world those gym terms don’t fucking exist.

You know who get hurt in a blue collar, manual labor environment?

Guys that spend more time in the gym doing exercises that are useless in a man’s environment, while talking how, if your form is bad you will get injured.

In over 30 years of a blue collar existence and 37 years of training I have missed less than 10 days of manual labor from injury or sickness, and most injuries were from the gym!

I will put my durability up against ANY MAN that has lived in my environment or gym environment!

Most men who talk gym shit are less durable, cry injury, take time off in the name of recovery as if they need it!

37 years experience, I think I have more of an understanding than almost ANY strength and conditioning book writer who spend all day training people to be able to do the things I do daily 5 to 6 days a week, living a blue collar existence!

The fact that the truck I drive has missed more work than I have ever missed, I push machines harder and farther, they break down, they push me harder, I just get fucking angry and go harder!


In my environment I have to deal with all types of environment, hot, freezing, rain, ice and snow! There is no safe space, it takes a man to be strong and move heavy shit on snow and ice, keeping your footing and maintaining great balance is essential!

So go find a “Coach” read and follow his training advice, I no longer have anything to offer “Gym Guys” I write for physically and mentally tough men, who want to live a harder exsitence!

Show me your toughness and durability in your late 40s and on, the gym mindset weakens men, builds injured men who do stupid shit that has NO benefit outside the gym!

Build toughness and durability for life, not temporary gym strength!

Johnny Grube


  1. The most advanced bodybuilders are the weakest guys on the planet. As for not worrying about ROM and form, I have to take a lot of shit from people, and those people are mad due to the fact that I am training harder than they are. I agree with everything you say Johnny Grube. I wonder how strong I actually am from all this hardcore training I have been doing.

    Keep kicking gym’s ass Grube.

  2. Agreed wholeheartedly as always. Fucking bullshit in the gyms applies to nothing in real life. Someone show me where in life we’re gonna lay on a bench with a barbell over our chest besides a gym . Someone show me where in real life we’re going to do situps repeatedly on a comfortable bench besides the gym . It’s all bullshit and a waste of time and energy . Not worth a man’s time at all . Great post John . Keep them coming .


    Wtf is ROM ??

  3. @Chuck

    Range of Motion brother.

  4. @Marovsky

    I learn something new everyday lol .

    I’ve heard of the Range of motion thing before but never knew it was short for that . These bodybuilding aka gym terms are hilarious . Who the fuck is thinking of range of motion in real life . Wow the shit the industry will do to make a sale smh.

    On another note Johns video of the rock carry kicked serious ass !

  5. @Chuck
    Seems like range of motion and form is so OVERrated. Too many people talk a lot of shit and worry too much about these gym terms. Too bad they will suffer from joint problems, tendonitis, and ligament problems overtime.

  6. Andrew stone says

    Hi John
    Great video.
    Any idea how much that rock weighs?

  7. Locking out for instance is one of the reason for beat up joints, more stress on the joints less tension on muscle
    is a disaster! Do you lock out your knees when you walk or sprint? Lock out in a wrestling match,it in any combat situations?

  8. Andrew I dont, I would say maybe the size makes it hard to grip and carry, I would say around 200 lbs maybe more, but
    at a bw of 160 lb, still tough.

  9. Andrew stone says

    Hi John
    Plenty heavy enough that’s for sure!
    Very impressive.

  10. @Johnny Grube

    I agree , locking out is disastrous. They’re even teaching that bullshit in boxing these days instead of the short crisp punches that always knocked people out . This is why so many arm injuries are occurring in the sport of boxing these days . Plus the training they have them doing which is lots of weight lifting these days which is dumb as fuck . A boxer does not need to be lifting weights .For example…..

    Jack Dempsey was a fighter from the 20’s Heavyweight at that . Had massive knockout power and always ran sprints , Calisthenics and boxing training and was one of the biggest knockout ounces in history. And in his book (Championship fighting) He taught not to lock out with punches because it destroyed elbows.

  11. And here’s another reason why bodybuilding wisdom is so DUMB! I have heard that if you don’t do full range of motion, you only work HALF OF THE MUSCLES! Since when only HALF of muscles work by themselves. That made me laugh my ass off

  12. @Johnny Grube

    I meant to say *one of the biggest knockout punchers in history*

  13. @Chuck
    Looks like whenever I shadowbox, I need to stop making jabs go farther than they need to be.

  14. @Chuck
    I will check the book out! I gotta see man lol.

  15. @Chuck
    Speaking about range of motion, you know what’s so dumb about conventional wisdom in gyms, they say if you do full range of motion, you only work half of the muscles, isn’t that something to laugh at? Because it sounds really dumb lol.

  16. @Chuck
    Don’t do full range of motion*****
    Shit my mistake.

  17. Andrew, thanks dude!

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