Building Excess Mass Will Destroy Your Health.

I have for sometime talked about worrying about bulking up over time is not really a good healthy plan.

Listen to the video from this man.

Around 25 years ago I learned what building mass can do to the body, luckily it didn’t impact my healthy but did impact my joints and I stopped eating massive amounts of food and lifting as heavy as possible with reps no more than 5 and usually around 3 reps.

I rather keep my bodyweight lower and work on what I coined “Conditioned Strength” and keeping movement as natural as I live my life.

This man is now having health issues and talks about how eating massive amounts of food has done this, but he did use steroids’ but according to him not a lot.

Anyhow not a bad listen, maybe he can fix his health issues.

Toughen The FUCK Up!

Johnny Grube 







  1. Tredwell Abrams says

    Absolutely! I have also learned a hard lesson about ‘bulking up’. Bulking up your body weight hurts your joints, increased risk of diabetes, and a host of other issues can result from it. Your high rep routines are great for conditioned strength. You have talked about isometrics before. In my opinion, isometric training for strength can be achieved without ‘bulking up’. Alexander Zass proved this point in the early 1900’s. Thanks for leading the charge against the unhealthy gym culture.


    Tredwell Abrams

  2. Treadwell, thanks man.

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