Building Immovable Strength!

Want to build immovable strength practice training like a manual laborer.

There is many ways you can do this, I blogged last week carrying the same
weight for a shorter distance, this week I decided to use a belt and drag a
sled with a 70 lb heavy bag in it for 100 yards one way 100 yards back.

Rested and repeated for a total of 400 yards or a 1/4 mile.

A 25 lb back pack, 40 lb weight vest, 20 lb ankle weights ( 10 lbs each leg )
shouldering an 80 lb heavy bag and dragging an 70 lb heavy bag.

Keeping the 80 lb bag is harder to handle than a sand bag, the sand bag conforms
making it easier to keep on your shoulder. A heavy bag wants to roll off and
with a
weight vest it’s even harder to keep up there, the struggle makes
the body stronger
and more durable. Ankle weights make this process
harder because its like walking
in sand or snow it really works the legs,
they burn fast!

This will test any man physically and mentally, if you are weak in conditioning, you
will fail. If you are weak and can’t get the body to function as one, you will fail.

When you train get into the habit of wearing street clothes, in the real
world, the
environment or fucked up people will not allow you to stretch,
put on workout
wear or a good pair of shoes, train to be ready!

People think that if you aren’t actually moving something you are getting
weaker. Only and idiot would say this or think this.

The body responds to any situation that forces the muscles to work.
Isometrics are a known form of exercise, but few respect the benefits
of isometrics except for some seasoned trainers.

I have stopped trying to educate men that have NOT accomplished anything
and try and debate, it is useless and these men will always be weak physically
and mentally.

To the men that argue that isometrics are only working the position it is held
are right, but if you hold the position that is weakest and the positions that are
held in combat or labor the most used in real life that weakness becomes the

Most men couldn’t grab and bear hug a 170 lb cylinder being so slick and slender
with no give, the squeeze to maintain and walk up and down stairs is a feat by
itself, and unless you have done it, you have no idea and no gym exercise will
help this movement. NOT the squat NOT the dead lift, because the pressure it
takes to keep it from sliding down the body requires you to compress it and it
makes it harder to breathe, so if your conditioning is weak you won’t be able to
do this very long. Picking it up off the ground still difficult but walking up and
down stairs a different story.

I can do this daily, not because its the only way to get them up and down the steps,
I do it because I want to, and because I can. And I can do this all day if I had to.

And after 35 years as a manual labor I have never missed a day of
work because of a work related injury!

So, like it or not, believe it or not, that is the way it is!

Try and move a man who trains like this, he will be immovable, he
will not be
easy to control, an easy man to control is one who thinks
the standard gym lifts
make them strong and have cross over value
soon find out that is not true, the problem is they won’t findĀ  out until
they make the
mistake and fuck with a man that can easily control the
physical situation.

Toughness Builds Strength!

Johnny Grube

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