Building Nontraditional Strength


Building Nontraditional Strength

I believe in building real world strength. When
I train I can care less about having a six pack
when it comes to abs. I don’t use traditional ab
exercises, my everyday training see’s to that.

I train with total function in mind very rarely
do I do any ab exercise just to do them. Pretty
boys that like the plank is fine, I’m not trying to
build the “Prison Rape Body” pretty is not on my

I seem to offend people when I go against what their
chosen experts say and how they tell them how to train.
But no one has to listen I said it before the things I teach
are tough and are not for the physically and mentally

I needed to fine a new way to train many years ago
because of body break down. When I left the traditional
training behind for the way I train now my body as a whole
has gotten extremely stronger, I can do things I have never
done before.

Plus I don’t want to spend all day doing long work outs
for results or getting to my target goals. Years ago I spent
tons of time in the gym and got strong but not
this type of strong.

For instance Feb 27th was my 45th birthday and I usually
do something for my birthday feat and my plan was to do
4,500 step ups in 2 ½ hours on a 10” bench and to be
honest, wasn’t sure if I could complete it in that time.

I got up at 2:30 am looked outside it was dark and cold,
and I started to make excuses like I have to work in a few
hours maybe I’ll do it Saturday on my day off so then I can
take it easy.

Then I thought everyone take’s it easy and I will
not take it easy, so I went out put on classical music
so I did not lose count and started stepping. At
1,500 I started thinking about quitting, then when I
got to 2,800 I was more than half way there and there
was no way I was going to quit and after 2 hours and
2 minutes of non stop stepping I finished 4,500 step ups
and I felt like a million bucks.

Then I got ready for work and a full day of manual labor.
Traditional training would have never allowed me to do that
considering I don’t do any long distance running or long
training sessions.

The next day thought I might rest, instead did 1,000 bench dips
in 19 minutes it’s not my best time but completed it in less than
20 minutes like I wanted.

A lot of people think that doing hundreds or thousands of reps
will wear the body out, well we walk thousands of steps every
week and our legs are not worn out as a matter of fact most people
don’t walk enough we raise and lower our arms thousands of times
and our arms aren’t worn out, do you ever not decide to walk or raise
your arms because you used them all day?

Some will even say that you can’t build strength with hundreds of
reps only endurance I want you to try this core demolishing pushup
that I did for the first time on this video and never tried it before. I like
to test my body both physically and mentally also I like to test my
strength and endurance just to see what can be done.

Remember the body wears out when you decide it wears out,
you and only you decide.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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