Bullies Kept Me Strong!

Years ago I walked away from traditional training just found it wasn’t necessary in my life. I have never been weak, no stories of sand being kicked in my face.

But, still had a few bullies in my life!

Actually when I was bullied as a kid most were kids 2 to 4 years older and anyone with sense knows there is a big difference between 12 and 16 years old.

Never really had trouble with people my own age, I was usually faster and stronger than most, but would draw abuse from much older people.

I forgot to mention I was a low brown belt in Karate by the time I was 12 which took four years to get to, going to class 2 to 3 times a week sparring with men black belts, there was no kids classes!

My Sensei would tell older black belts to watch my strength, because I was so young, I was often underestimated, and as soon as I was knocking older men off balance, and backing them up, then they paid attention.

Me and my younger brother actually had two brothers Tony 19 and Ernie 21 harass us and try to physically assault us, I was 12 my brother Glen 10, no shit! 

One time I was waiting for the school bus, he pulled up in his Chevette and actually jumped out of the car with a fucking table leg and threatened me, I was in 6th grade!

Tough to defend when they are adults who drive and all we have are bikes, yet I was always able to protect us!

They actually they caught my 10 year old brother Glen alone and actually beat him up, 21 and 19 beat on a 10 year old!

My cousin and three Navy buddies waited outside for these guys to come out, the pussies called the cops on my cousin and Navy buddies, after THEY beat on a 10 year old!

They didn’t expect my mom coming home after being out on an all drinking binge, coming up seeing and hearing what happened attacked the men, with the cops there!


My dad wasn’t around I was the protector of my home, my brother and sister!

I cleared a path for my younger brother and sister, no matter where we lived, I was usually targeted, by gangs of kids, not because I was weak, because I was a threat, like I said I was fast, strong and athletic.

I get into high school whip a few tough guys asses, take no shit and your reputation grows, it was the way life used to be for some, stand your ground, never run, and the fear you had, becomes meanness!

I was a 9th grader with a 400 lb deadlift that ran a 4.7 – 40 yard dash and grew to 12 th grader with a 330 lb bench press with a 4.5 – 40 yard dash.

So my story for training was never for looks or size it was for destruction and for survival!

So when I drop down for some workout, like an Isometric Horse Stance with some front punches in a field it’s because my reasons are, and have always been different!

Johnny Grube


  1. I had a fair share of bullies in my life, even to this day. The time came where I said to myself, “FUCK RULES, I DON’T FUCKING CARE ANYMORE!!!” and just fuck them up whenever I have the chance.

  2. @Marovsky

    I beat the shit out of so many of them . Always got fucked with since I boxed from a very young age .

  3. @Chuck
    Even to this day, I would still get fucked with and the bully will always pay the price.

  4. @Chuck
    I taught myself how to fight.

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