Burpees for Physical and Mental Toughness

Burpees for Physical and Mental Toughness

I hear a lot of trainers talking about building mental
toughness through training and most talk about running
as their way of building mental and physical toughness.

I would rather use other means of pushing myself
through a little physical and mental pain.

If I do run distance I run huge mountain hills or go for
a run carrying a 70lb to 100lb heavy bag on my shoulders
running hills.

I would rather pick an exercise like pushups or burpees and
go for an hour than just jog for an hour. Think doing burpees
for an hour won’t push you physically and mentally, try
it sometime.

But hear is a way to push yourself a little harder than you
might be used to, and these burpees will kick your ass!

Instead of doing regular burpees and just jumping up
jump out forward just like a broad jump, land and do
another one moving forward with every jump.

Doing them this way will change the dynamics of the
exercise. It will test you both physically and mentally
and you will not be able to do as many as you normally

If you think this is easy try doing these types of burpees
for 100 yards it will kick your ass for sure.

So do burpees for distance instead of reps.

Here’s my time to beat for 400 meters of burpees 16:14
done on the Penn State outdoor track and covering
400 meter of burpees sucks!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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