“Captain America Jones: THE WORLDS FITTEST MAN”

Here is another story of a man who didn’t lift heavy weights spent a lot of time doing
high rep calisthenics, swimming and running and the things he accomplished
are amazing. His training program wasn’t today’s circus acts or gymnast
style calisthenics, it was plain old thousands of reps.

Alan “Captain America” Jones a captain in the U.S. Marines 5’9 150 lbs at age 5
a bout with polio partially paralyzed his legs they thought he would never walk.
Well he did! In Vietnam he received a purple heart and the bronze star.

In 1977 did 27,003 situps in a row, and 51,000 in 76 hours resting
only 5 minutes
every hour. Swam 100 miles non stop in 56 hours,
ran 310 miles in 35 hours

In a pentathlon:
1000 situps
ran and walked 199 miles in 91 hoursbench pressed 100lbs for
100 reps in about
10 minutes
lifted a  75lb barbell over head 1,602 reps in 20 hours
jerked bodyweight once a minute for 24 hours!

Are you impressed yet? This man was a personal friend of Jack Lalanne,
his daughter personally told me he was taught a lot from Jack Lalanne.

Let’s see more of what this amazing man accomplished through hard work
and no bull shit programs!

500 Mile swim in 10 days
A 300 mile across Washington
Skipped rope 150,00 times in 23 hours
27,000 jumping jacks in 6 1/2 hours

Impressed yet? How about:

Towing a 3,500lb car with passengers across Mission Bay with
hands and feet tied
Or swimming 6 days with no sleep
How about lifting a 1 million pounds in one workout session
Leg pressed 1,516,000 pounds in 6 hours

Do you think there was some world records there? Can anyone
even think of who could have challenged this man? Not to mention
the sky diving records and his swimming with snakes and piranhas!

Two amazing records I would like to see any big man, strongman
top these two feats of strength from a man all of 150lbs at 5’9

Carry 505lbs across his shoulders 100 yards in 57 seconds

In my opinion this is something just so amazing I can’t think
of the words to describe it.

Carry 320 lbs across his shoulders for 4 miles up hill!

And this is even close to the many other amazing things
he has accomplished!

Is this an amazing man? All from a man at 5’9 about 150 lbs
who had no special training program except thousands of reps
and hours of sweat!

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube


  1. Indeed… quite impressed. When there is a will there is a way and this man has challenged us to better ourselves. Let’s do it!

  2. There are no excuses! Fitness and toughness comes from within ourselves.

  3. This is amazing and fantastic. I am glad to do a few sets and stay fit

    Maybe start to work to his achievements.



  4. Hi Chief! Impressive stuff indeed. However,what training program did ‘Captain America’ follow to reach such feats? Any Books or DVD’s that one can purchase please?

  5. Michael Jones says

    I work worked alan during his time at family fitness. Wish I had pictures. Great guy. Could push himself to do things unimaginable. His has all kind of records.

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