Cavemen Didn’t Die Because They Ate Meat!

I love when the educated people talk about how the caveman only lived until he was 30 years old, so the way cavemen ate is the reason they died out.

The average white male lives the average of 76 years while white women live 81 years!

An example of my own father and mother who died in their middle 70’s after years of drinking and smoking, neither was really ever sick, but my dad had emphysema for over 20 years and without advanced medicine would have probably died long ago.

I’m no scientist, and neither are most people that have the argument, but will stand with their opinions, even though every single study whether you are pro or con a Paleo type lifestyle has a study for or against it.

The caveman had a harsh life of constant struggle, a brutal violent life they died of infection, violence, the strong survived longer while the weak died quicker, the strong ate, the weak would have starved.

My question in today’s weak and diseased society caused by inactivity, over eating, excess booze and drugs how long would most people live TODAY without advanced medicine, and a safe environment to live in?

Most people are on some type of drug, usually because of a disease they created by themselves, they are inactive and if we’re called upon to save their life or the life of a family member they would be of no help!

Hell, most people would probably be dead from the massive amounts of soda they drink daily, not to mention we are a society sickened by excess sugar, not from eating red meat or eggs!

Studies done on red meat are usually done with people who live a dirty lifestyle of poor eating choices and inactivity!

I would say the simple elimination of excess sugar and by moving more would fix most of societies diseases!

People that think being a vegetarian is the only way to live and there is proof vegetarians live longer, that might be the case but most cultures that are vegetarians live in very labor intense environment. The people who do not live in those cultures like the U.S. are more active than meat eaters.

Vegetarians are less likely to drink or smoke, there are not enough studies on healthy meat eaters.I

I do know that every piece of meat, fish or eggs etc is the reason for disease, according to the experts, even though we eat less of these foods than EVER before.

They NEVER come back with studies of not eating to much rice, pasta or potatoes that the constant flow of sugar being released in a our system is causing massive disease, combined with other factors!

Eat Strong!

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    Hi John
    Could you outline a typical days eating on a normal day?
    Thank you.

  2. I eat when I’m hungry, I usually eat my first meal
    if you call it that between 12 to 2 p.m. and eat in
    a 6 to 9 hour window. I am looking to stay with a
    light bodyweight it works better for me. I have given
    up all processes sugars almost a year ago. The last
    month I stopped eating grains as an experiment.
    I eat a lot of eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables,
    some fruit like berries, some yogurt, fish, meat
    drink lots of water etc.

    So I just eat good food nothing special. Find what
    works for you and do it, when it stops working
    change it.

  3. Andrew stone says

    Hi John
    Thanks for your reply

  4. That pic looks badass, one of these cave man can kick a body builder’s ass without trying.

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