Cinder Block Training

If you need a gym to train your options are limited. If you
can’t find a way to train where ever you are, your training
program is weak and limited!

In the video I am using a 50 lb cinder block I found and
it can be an ass kicking tool and don’t be fooled by the light


In the video I did a quick 100 reps on my way to 1,035 in
30 minutes, smashing 855 I did last time. The reason
I train this way because all my life earning a living
with my body as a laborer I have picked up, dragged,
pushed, carried millions and millions of pounds and
very rarely do you ever pick up anything over 100lbs!

In this video I used my lunch time to use the cinder block
to hold and do step ups in the park on a very humid hot day.

Holding the cinder block makes it difficult to breathe and hold
not as easy as some will think, big muscle heads see a weight
that they can easily move and when they try it they find out
how weak they are.

All the heavy lifting I did got me ready for training in
the gym and nothing else. A lot of strongmen will tell
you they train all areas and that is great, but not everyone
including me wants to spend most of my days training for
things that don’t much benefit me in my life.

These strongmen and so called experts get plenty of rest
because the majority don’t earn their living using their body

If you think a experienced gym person can deadlift
a 50 lb cinder block 800 to 1,000 times in 30 minutes
you are so far from reality, the back and legs would
shut down after a couple of hundred, give it a try!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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