Cinder Block / Rock Samson Chair

The Samson Chair or Iron Chair has been a test of leg strength for a long
time. It is an unforgiving exercise that will test your will. Having a big squat
is not a guarantee of an easy time. It only takes a minute or two to have most
fit guys shaking in pain.

Using cinder blocks or a heavy rock bring a different variety to the exercise
both for example take different levels of strength because they are both
different in weight and size and both are awkward in different ways.

While I work I’m always looking for a quick workout. Most have no idea one
or two minutes are beneficial to the mind and body.

These types of exercises can be done almost anywhere just pay attention to
what is around you, to squeeze in a small workout when you can. You don’t
need long periods of exercises to get results. Every time you get in some extra
activity you get more durable. Lack of daily exercise weakens the mind and
body, you must always everyday, all the time thinking strength.

Toughness Builds Strength

Johnny Grube








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