Cinder Block Swings


A cinder block is just as effective.

A cinder block is tough on the hands and is free!

I did a quick 100 in under three minutes.

A kettlebeller or kettlebell expert might not like my form, guess what? I’m not using a kettlebell, I invented the cinder block swing, so I decide the correct way!

Remember, I have real job. I don’t work in a gym, I don’t own a gym, I don’t train in a gym (anymore) so my opinions are different.

I never want to be in the position to need special equipment, or a special place to train.

I need to able to train anywhere using anything to get in a workout.

Argue all you want, I know the gym makes a man comfortable.

Once they lift weights in the gym, they do what ever possible to escape lifting or working hard outside the gym.

Men think the gym is all they need. Men are built outside the gym, working hard.

To do a Cinder Block Swing:

Lay the block length ways.

Straddle the block, squat down grabbing mostly with your fingers.

Now swing the block, controlled back toward your heals, then back towards your toes, while straightening your legs, and bending the knees on the swing back.

Johnny Grube


  1. Correct me if I am wrong, Johnny, but I believe that the average cinder block weighs about 40 pounds, right? That is a tremendous, quick, intense, efficient, workout! Your work out anywhere, anytime, with what you’ve got approach is the way to go, and eliminates any excuses for not being in shape.

  2. if you don´t pay attention, someone will steal your idea and start cinderblock certifications.

    people are really that stupid.

    for me, stones are best.
    than sandbags, woodblocks, humans,kettle- dumb-barbells, etc.

  3. Bob, weighed the cinder block tonight, 50 lbs.

  4. Yeah, I can see a cinder block cert haha.

  5. Yes and then they’ll start making blocks with handles wrapped in pink foam

  6. Weak men believe that the gym is all they need . I see this all the time . Guy that works security at my job built up from bodybuilding and can barely bend down to pick something up . He drops a gum wrapper the other day and was grunting while holding on to something while bending to pick it up . All that size for nothing.

  7. Yeah Rob, Everything is foam handles, wtf!

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