Cinder Block Training

In the below video I was working and found an old style cinder block which
I’m not sure of the weight but it is much heavier than the standard cinder

By now everyone knows I always look for a place to do a workout, and I don’t
care where it is and I always look for training equipment I find outdoors.

So I figured I would do some cinder block training by picking it up
from the ground put it over head drop it and repeat.

The below video shows me on lunch time doing step ups in a park
holding the cinder block which I now own, on about a 24″ bench
doing part of a 250 step up workout. The block was awkward to hold
making me work much fucking harder than if I held a weight plate,
wore a weight vest or a weighted back pack.

I never make excuses, I find a way. I don’t need a gym anymore and
haven’t in many years, I use basic equipment I already have or
things I can take from the land.

If you want to build working man’s strength train with an awkward
weight doing things working men would do to earn a living and picking
up cinder blocks and carrying them will strengthen the mind and body!

Basic training, basic equipment and a wildman mentality will harden
a man!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube




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