Complicated Bodyweight Routines are a waste of time!

INSANE 1 minute workout – can you survive it? Is the name of this video

For years I have talked about the benefits of basic, simple high rep training for all around real world
physical fitness. I also have talked on the benefits of keeping each workout to 1 to 3 different

Most experts who write books or train people feel the need to have people do 10 or more exercises
in a workout to get a great workout. I disagree with this concept. More is complicated less is

You will never be able to convince most people who have a closed mind and especially the people
that think they are in shape and are far from it. To many people want to complicate people with
several exercises molded into one.

In the video the man demonstrates this routine and actually forgets for a second what to do. That
takes away from the focus of getting in a great workout that you don’t need to think about.

What’s hard about jumping rope 100 times and 10 burpees for 10 non stop rounds? You can
focus on the job at hand and go balls out building physical and mental toughness without stopping
and thinking what’s next.

Wasted workout time is when ever you have to stop and think what to do next. I have no problem with
the man in the video ( Mike Chang ) just used the video as an example of focus on your training instead
of wasting your time with bullshit complicated programs.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Glen MacCharles says

    I’ve learned through experience to keep every aspect of my life as simple as possible. More thinking means more headaches.

  2. Greg Colvin says

    Very true Glen. I just returned from doing some burpees and bear crawls outside and I feel better than I ever did lifting weights. It seems a heck of a lot more natural and fun. Simplicity is the key. Thanks for a great website. It has totally changed the way I view exercise and real world fitness.

    Greg Colvin

  3. Anthony Romayo says

    I have to laugh when I seeadjusts like this. I usually fall asleep by the
    time they start to show you what they’re talking about. Johnny g gets right to the point
    with everything including his videos. One thing I’ve learned on this site is that consistency is the key. It took
    My body took some time to adjust to more and more volume of gradually training everyday. Now that I do I feel better and am in the best shape of my life with 54 years of age 2 months away..

  4. Anthony Romayo says

    On spelling mistake the word is videos not adjusts

  5. I’m a cry baby and I can do it. Does any one have words to get my fat ass going? I hate being fat! My mind is weak and I work 80 hrs a week but my job is service to special needs people. When I return home I want to turn to a veggitable shut my brain off and hide from the the big mean world. How do I get a back bone?
    Thanks you
    Crybaby Amy Jo

  6. You asked! First STOP defining yourself as weak. Think of yourself as strong. You work 80 hours a week, and I commend you for that. Based on that alone you are a person with some will power and backbone. You are doing work that requires grit and toughness. So carry that determination over to your leisure time even if you start doing some static contractions like a few sets of wall sits. And then you will start a positive addiction to exercise. Think strong and be strong.

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  8. Getting right down to business with basic hardwork is all that is needed .

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