Complicated Workouts Create Weak Results!

Why is it every person that trains or pretends to train always tries to make a simple
concept in to a complicated concept. I really think most people that train think
the more complicated a training session is the better the results.

For example, I put out short workouts that require little or no equipment with basic
full body type movements. I limit the number of exercises in any workout to 1 to
3 exercises most of the time.

I see some of these programs with 10 to 20 exercises in a single workout.
The more you spend trying to figure out what to do next is wasted time!

The less exercises you need to think about the more you can focus on your
training session.

If I post a workout using a deck of cards and let’s say all black cards are
squats and all red cards are pushups. Simple concept, no thinking just
working as fast as possible through the deck. Great workout.

But this isn’t good enough to the educated trainer they want to add a
little more, instead of just two exercises they will tell you to do pushups
for every spade, do squats for every heart, do crunches for every club
and so on. It’s as if you don’t do 10 different exercises you’re leaving
something in the tank.

My thought, if I’m going through the deck I will focus on getting the most
out of the two exercises I’m doing instead of weakening the workout by
doing half the deck with exercises I can care less about.

My philosophy: Decide what you want to get good at and do a lot of it.

Spreading your workouts to thin is like spreading everything  else to
thin and sooner or later something breaks. The more complicated
the workout the less chance for long term results.

Complicated workouts create weak results and weak people!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. BodyweightReallyIsBetter says

    Wow, you’re thinking is awesome bro! I couldn’t agree with you more. I remember all those WASTED years in a gym. Everyone had a complicated, detailed to hell, workout. Like a fool, I did much of the same. The results? Not much! Now I only do simple bodyweight training and I’m seeing results much faster and meaningful than ever before. I remember guys with freakin’ notebooks which listed how nay sets and reps they were going to do on each and every ISOLATED exercise. Now all I do is some push-ups (with variations) and chin-ups, etc. and it’s amazing. Funny, gymnasts don’t focus on “sets and reps” and look at their bodies. Sure, they put in plenty of hours BUT they don’t count sets and reps, proving that building muscle is not that complicated.

  2. anthony romayo says

    So true. Most people would laugh when told that
    one of my best pieces of “training equiptment”
    Is a deck of cards. Its not until you’re struggling to
    complete the deck that you realize “only”
    two bodyweight exercises are all you’ll ever need if that.

  3. couldn’t agree more!.after years of messing around with complicated training programmes and routines, thinking more must be better, i got to the point of dreading my workouts because they appeared so long-winded. to make my workouts something i look forward to again, i have cut things right back to basics – one push exercise, one pull exercise and one leg exercise and that’s it. i exercise every day with pushup variations followed by pullup variations followed by sprint variations, keeping things short, focusing on intensity and going for maximum effort. as a result, i’m achieving far better results in terms of strength, speed and explosive power – while saving on an expensive gym membership and getting the most out of mother nature’s fresh air in my local park. bodyweight training, anywhere and anytime, you can’t beat it.

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