Conditioned Strength and Mental Toughness!

A hundred pounds is a hundred pounds, right?

Most people will say things like 100 lbs is 100 lbs and anyone who has stepped outside the gym knows that’s false.

It’s why I eliminated exercises that were more useful in the gym, than outside the gym.

For example I haven’t bench pressed in 20 years, I haven’t done many pushups in the last two years, because there are other exercises that will keep a chest strong and punch proof, like isometrics and the Ab Wheel.

But, the legs, core and conditioning are my main focus for most workouts, because if you have the “Strong 3″ you are a man among men.

Example is when I did 500 reps dead lifting a 55 lb back pack standing on 12” benches for more depth in 10 minutes.

Little weight a lot of reps in only 10 minutes.

Then I used a 100 lb barbell to do 250 anyhow dead lifts, meaning just get the weight off the floor as fast as possible in 15 minutes.

Dead lifting with smaller plates or lower to the ground, with more weight is extremely tough, 25 lb plates are 3 1/2″ lower than 45 lb plates, and the difference is huge.

Then take that 100 lb barbell is front of me, the 55 lb back pack under me, makes a huge difference in body positions and the muscles worked!

Either way these two exercises done for high reps are amazing for building “Conditioned Strength” and mental toughness!

Most men won’t even give it a shot, because, like me, I thought one rep strength was the key, until I found “Conditioned Strength” or lack of is what determines the outcome, of whether you stay strong breathing heavy, or find you can’t get oxygen to your muscles and you are a weak man who can’t catch your breath!

Johnny Grube


  1. High reps is the shit. I would do sets of 150 push ups and keep going. That’s how much conditioned strength I have, I would improve every time, it’s almost unbelievable that I would continue to improve even though I am already at higher numbers.

  2. I struggled with the 250 reps, but knowing how hard they are im okay with 100 lbs for 250 in under 15 minutes, because it was my first time doing that particular workout.

  3. How about a heavier weight with high reps? I usually pick an exercise that is decently heavy and do reps until I reach 50 or 100 total reps. Definitely leave you breathing hard and challenge you. Got it better shape once I quit doing bodybuilding workouts and more body weight exercises/weight vest stuff. Conditioning was shit from going to the gym.

  4. Burick, yeah do what works for you. What ever helps with your lifestyle.

  5. Some people say I am doing too much or pushing myself too far. I would ask them this question: “How far can I go?” The human body is an amazing thing. No matter how far you push it to extreme conditions, it will adapt, and you will get stronger and more conditioned.

  6. Marovsky, the body will adapt to anything, as long as you listen to your body.

  7. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Johnny I thought you would get a kick out of this! HAHAHAHAHA! It would make a good piece for a vid or article.

  8. I’ve seen that article before. Mark Rippetoe is a tool. He doesn’t even look in shape. Fuck him and his advice.

  9. rippetoe is an one sided dickhead. barbell. thats all he knows.

  10. Appalachian WildMan! says

    I agree fellas…..I bet his fat ass would die trying to attempt just one of The WildMan Workouts!

  11. Just one push up = already burnt out. HAHA

  12. Appalachian Wildman, they don’t need conditioning because they train in a safe space, nothing happens in the gym.

    These guys can’t be taught, it’s why they train until they are crippled.

  13. All they do is isolation movements in the gym, not knowing the failure they are setting up for themselves. All that excessive heavy lifting destroys their joints, but they use the injury like some type of trophy, thinking that it was worth lifting very heavy. Seems like injury in the fitness culture is seen as so called “tough” to these weaklings.

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