“Conditioned Strength” Makes A Weak Man Strong and A Strong Man Weak

Here is a workout that will test some physical and mental toughness it’s very leg intensive and don’t think jumping rope is a rest, all it does is make it harder to jump as the legs get tired:

Jump rope 50 times – Do 10 step ups on a 15″
bench holding a 50 lb plate for 50 non stop rounds when done you will have done 500 step ups holding a 50 lb plate and have jumped rope 2,500 times I have finished this in 42 minutes with a goal set of 45 minutes

The term I coined “Conditioned Strength” the meaning “being strong and conditioned enough
to take all physical and mental challenges”. Training the mind and body together is the only real
way to ever reach your full physical fitness potential. Many people look to the most complicated
ways of training only to find that the system is missing real life elements.

First you need to decide what is your goal and what are you after. If you are just working out
to lose weight, or just are looking to have a big bench press, or to have a six pack, or run distance
this won’t apply to you.

I train for very different reasons then most people, and in over 35 years of training I have found that
simplicity with a clear focus will bring you the fastest results. The one thing most people don’t understand  is that without a physically conditioned mind and body eventually all else will fail.

My question is then how strong do you have to be, and for what? And how long can you keep
that strength up? I know people are always impressed by one rep heavy lifts and sometimes
I am too. But in reality how often does it ever come in play?

A 300 lb bench press will never help you carry furniture up and down stairs, a 600 lb
squat will not help you if you had to swim a mile not unless they spend time building up their
“Conditioned Strength”

The bottom line is people hate conditioning because it is the hardest thing to do. Another
thing is people hate training the legs because it is painful and it only takes seconds to see why
most avoid this type of training.

Conditioning shows what type of person you are, and it will quickly separate the men from
the boys.

Navy Seals are some of the most physically and mentally toughest trained in the
world and look at the builds of these men. They are strong and conditioned
And I don’t know any person that would take a one rep strong man over any
Navy Seal in any real life situation!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Step-ups are one of the best exercises I’ve found. I wish I’d found them a lot earlier. When I still trained in gyms I used to practice for yoke walks by doing step ups in a power rack with as much weight as I could handle across my back. My step would only be a few inches high but this used to work really well for me.

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