Cross Fit Theory

Cross Fit Theory

Cross fit is and has been popping up all over
the place. Is this just another exercise craze?
Cross fit athletes are amazing and the cross fit
games are also awesome.

When I first started training many years ago pushups,
pull-ups tree climbing, rope climbing, sprints and weight
lifting were the activities I excelled at.

Then I got sucked into the being big theory is better way
of thinking and bulking up and lost my athletic ability for
many years until I seen the light.

If cross fit would have been around at the time I was
young and dumb cross fit would have been my choice
it combines my two favorite things strength and speed.

The one thing I would change now would be “The Snatch
and “The Power Clean” and not because they are not great
exercises but because of the complex nature of the

I actually had some training in the old days from a former
Olympic style lifter the problem is these lifts are very
dangerous exercises if you’re not given proper instruction
and it isn’t  given in a few classes.

Most people think the power clean is some kind of explosive
reverse curl they only use the upper body to generate the
power and it’s the legs with drop under the weight catching it
and standing up with it makes it “The Clean”

The snatch is a different animal. Tough and complex and
should only be practiced by someone who has experience.

Cross Fit great stuff with great results just take care
of the body and it will take care of you.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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