Crossfit Pullups are NOT “Old School Pullups!

The crossfit pullup seems to have become the normal type of pullup. There was
a time when every expert today would call it anything but a pullup, now because
crossfit is so big the “Kipping Pullup” is acceptable and is considered a pullup.


My philosophy if I can get up over a wall up in a tree or get myself out of harms
way the way i do pullups are acceptable for what my goals. However, I do not
think they should be considered the mark for “Old School Pullups”

I will not be using crossfits “Kipping Pullup” no matter what expert try’s and tells me
it’s the right way. I don’t care how educated or how many letters they have before or
after their name. I don’t need some so called expert who has never done anything
try and teach me anything.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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