Dead lifted 43 Tons or 85,405 lbs In 1 Hour!

February 27th I turned 51 years old and as always at least the last 12 years did a birthday workout.

The workout was to dead lift my bodyweight 155 lbs 551 times which I call “conditioning dead lifts”.

Woke at 4 am was in my backyard gym at 5:30 am in the dark and cold with little lighting no music just painful solitude!

I wanted to complete it in 51 minutes to an hour, I finished in 1 hour.

Total weight moved 84,405 or 43 tons!

This was mentally tough, I wanted to quit, but that wasn’t going to happen. My hands were blistered, my hands and forearms cramped, my legs tortured.

Then I went to work! No rest or recovery.

It takes a durable body and mind to complete a 1 hour dead lift workout.

I don’t train for this exercise at all.

As a matter of fact the last “Conditioning Dead lifting” I did was 135 lbs for 80 reps in one set, or 10,800 lbs in only three minutes, only resting while holding the bar, which is NOT a rest.

These are just physical and mental tests to see how my short brief workouts are working with my blue collar lifestyle.

Staying strong is a man’s job, physical and mental punishment makes a man strong, men who avoid pain or discomfort are soft and will live a life of the weak and desperate!

Try a 1 hour dead lift workout and see if you can complete it, if you body and mind are durable enough!

Johnny Grube


  1. Amazing ,well done,I have to try this one. Yesterday i did 500bw squats in row,could do a lot more,goal was 500,not comaring with ur workout,just wanted to state that this type of training works

  2. Moving tonnage is a great way to piss off the majority of weightlifters.

  3. Yes it is.

  4. Good stuff.

  5. Nice!

  6. Hey Grube
    check this…
    Sunday i picked up a “cold” and was running a high fever, cough
    I had to work anyways.
    I started at 0230 monday morning, on my feet straight till 7am tuesday morning. no breaks, just water. I ate a sandwich too
    before getting back into this type of training- i would maybe have keeled over.
    instead, i slept a bit tuesday, and back at nearly 100% today.
    like i said, when i was heavier, and “stronger” with a barbell (squat/bench/dead)- i would be dead-straight up keeled over working like that running a high fever.
    your methods work
    thanks for bringing me back to where i was when i was younger.

  7. Good stuff!

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