Destroy All That Is Weak!

I think people forget that when I write it’s more or less about my real thoughts and not some popular writing to make everyone feel special.

No matter what you say or do, how nice you try to be, you will still have people criticize you, talk shit so why not just write the way you really feel?

Some say I’m angry,  I’m actually very happy because I get to upset a lot of fucking weaklings, a lot of weak men who always have an excuse and always try to validate their position. So yes, call me angry I love it!

Oh and by the way you stupid fucks who accuse me of being angry, men need anger to survive you fucking weaklings!

So you easily offended toe ring, skinny jeans wearing, flip flops wearing douches,  you are actually the type of guy I despise, nothing worse than a man who lacks honor, who hates his gender, these are the men I would like to clothesline in the street, so fuck off!

I only want people in my life that are ready to call bullshit on people, people that have a set of balls, people that will offend someone to get their point across, men who only see reality and won’t feed people fiction bullshit so someones feelings won’t get hurt!

Men love being weak, people have sympathy for a weak pussy, a man who won’t stand up for himself is valued by cross dressing freaks, fat feminists, ass rangers, and criminal illegals, he is today’s ball less man, he’s the man walking in women’s marches, the guy that needs protection from a strong man, the guy that needs to be purged from a man dominated world!

People love victims, weak men feed in to this, people embrace weakness because weakness is easier than strength. Its hard to own up to your fuck ups, to take responsibility, but weak men make excuses for himself and others because strength scares a weak society, its why they have tried to get the government to strong arm men into giving up masculinity and going the way of the mindlessly weakling!

If a man blames others or makes excuses, he is poison and get the fuck away!

People like this will not change they can’t, they won’t, they like the life of no responsibility, of no accountability, of having no thoughts for themselves!

Weak men are the bottom feeders taking from the strong to give to the undeserving, these society destroying leeches are a strong man’s enemy! Hate these Fuckers!

Strong men look to destroy all weakness, they don’t want to be force fed bullshit, they don’t want their hand held, they don’t want the weak making their decisions, they would rather die than give up their strength!

Look To Destroy All That Is Weak!

Johnny Grube


  1. Keep kicking ass John Grube. And hell yeah, being angry motivates me to work harder in my training.

  2. I will keep bringing the pain @Marovsky

  3. Weak men are a God dam embarrassment

  4. No pain, no gain, eh?

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