Destruction of Men


The destruction of masculinity has been on the rise, but only a few people are paying attention! You mindless fucks that turn your head to the destruction are to blame! To turn your head and to refuse to stand your ground makes you part of the problem!

To many men have changed their opinions, not from actually thinking, but because society told you what to fucking think!

If this is you, the weak dickhead that goes along to get along you are the weakest of ALL men! A man that can’t or won’t stand on his own is a useless man in need of a KICK in the head!

Every man says he will stand and fight for his beliefs just as long as everyone agrees with him, saying you stand for your beliefs but waiting for others to validate you is just your bullshit excuse to fit in!

Every weak man wants to be liked by everyone and these are the mostly mentally weak men, these are men that get emotional when you call them out on their bullshit! Today society has you believe that being a man is a bad thing, until they need a man and then wonder where all the men are!

You neutered fucks who live a life of a man with shriveled balls make everything tougher by staying weak and having the strong in society defend you, like we have to defend women!

I think weak men should be sorted out, I think weak men need to be called out, I think weak men that walk for women’s issues should be ostracized by strong men!

Keep living the lifestyle of a ball less man, keep get physically and mentally weaker, keep eating the estrogen producing foods, keep building big bellies, and big tits, keep standing with the masses, keep playing the victim and soon enough no one will be able to help you!

Weak men are of less value!

Johnny Grube

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