Did I pass the Redskins conditioning test?

Did I pass the Redskins conditioning test after my workout?

How can anybody that gets paid millions of dollars and can’t
pass a simple conditioning test? These athletes that can’t stay
away from booze, women and the ones that can’t pass a drug
test are just weak minded morons who never had to get a real
job to support a family.

Real people that are employed have to follow drug policies or
you lose your job, no millions just unemployed.

Albert Haynesworth should be embarrassed. His trainer should
be embarrassed. If you can’t take a little time to condition yourself
to make millions you need to apply to wal-mart for a job, there’s no
time limit getting carts.

These types of athletes could never live in a real man’s world.
Anyhow, I wanted to see how hard these 6 – 50 yard sprints were.

The rules are to run 6 – 50 yard sprints in 70 seconds – rest-
for 3 ½ minutes and do the second 6 – 50 yard sprints in 73

I ran these at about half speed and did the first in 55 seconds,
I rested for only 2 minutes and did the second 6 – 50 yard
sprints in 53 seconds and I did this after my workout

Jump rope 1,500 times and finish off with 100 – 8 count
bodybuilders time 20:28 seconds.

Rest 5 minutes, because I wasn’t planning on doing the

This test has more rest time in it then it has work time.

1:10 ( 70 sec ) rest 3 ½ minutes repeat 2nd time 1:13
( 73 sec ) total work time 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Work 2:23 rest 3:30 this is how most people train if you
want to be more physically fit then everyone else switch
the work time and the rest time.

Try the workout jump rope 1,500 times, 100 – 8 count
bodybuilders no rest

Rest 5 minutes

6 – 50 yard sprints for 2 minutes then repeat. Now, that’s
a pretty good workout

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. Order the “ Wildman Training Program” and  become
one of the elite. I probably should send a copy to Haynesworth
and his trainer!

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