Did You Ever Know Of A Strong, Tough Man Who Never Stepped In A Gym?

Man should be healthy, physically and mentally fit, strong and capable of damage, it’s part of what a man is!

Everyone has heard or has a story of a strong, tough man of the past who never stepped in a gym.

But it’s rare you ever hear of a real tough son of a bitch who just lifted weights for size alone.

If you listen to men today who train in a gyms, they have hero’s from the past like the Spartans, or Vikings who never stepped inside a gym!

Strong men since the beginning of time battled, and conquered lands without gyms.

What’s more pathetic is the men who get a hard on for juiced up dudes who push supplements and who are to stupid to realize that it’s NOT their supplements that made them that big!

Men stopped living like men, and actually look down on doing physical labor outside the gym.

Men have gotten away and stopped living a physical existence and have traded toughness and durability for how they look in a mirror with their shirt off.

Johnny Grube


  1. Men in the mirror trying to look like other men . It can’t get anymore sad than that . They are the ones who don’t last a day on labor jobs . I see it all the time

  2. Andrew stone says

    I admit to once being one of those men.
    Worrying about my bench press and the size of my arms.
    Then I started farm work with my brother and quickly found out my size and so called strength did not amount to much.
    Switched to bodyweight training and isometrics etc and the farm work become a lot easier.
    Dropped the excess bodyweight too.
    I only use barbells now for high rep deadlifts etc.

  3. Yep. Grube nailed it again. Completely. 45 years old here, back to the same BASICS I learned 30 years ago . bodyweight training, simple stuff, high volume, no bullshit.
    Running the magic 8 from grubes ebook, and it’s as if I am 30 years younger. Run fast, hit hard, work hard, aggressive and WIDE AWAKE.
    Thank u j. Grube.

  4. Marovsky says

    The strength from calisthenics and isometrics never fails.

  5. Anthony Romayo says

    When I trained with weights I was gym strong. I struggled doing 20 push-ups. After giving that up and going
    back to bodyweight training and isometrics my strength increased in such a different way. Not only that but if you train hard enough with bodyweight the results come much quicker than with weight lifting at least they did for me. And this is at an older age. I will take being conditioned strong over gym strong any day of the week.

  6. its funny, i learned this the hard way, and grube articles helped me learn the lesson.
    i had a big squat, big dead, typical barbell lifts, and what i had was also being slow, stiff, tired, getting winded doing basic stuff, couldnt run, couldnt climb, couldnt knock out any sustained physical task– just pathetic. but i had good barbell lifts though. what a joke.
    now i do- squat thrusts, jump rope, chinups, running, stepups, lunges, ab wheel. thats it. and i am strong, fast, flexible, no aches, no pains, sleep less, and wide awake.
    thanks again GRUBE.

  7. Welcome.

  8. Texas calderon says

    I’m one of the few who got strong without ever stepping in the gym. Only times I stepped in the gym was in high school when I used to train with the football players and wrestlers but that only like once every 3 months. It was more for competing than training though.

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